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Fully Managed Payroll


Fully Managed Payroll

A complete outsourced service offering all the benefits of a payroll department without any overheads or responsibility.

AOG PSC Limited will become your payroll department and fully manage all the obligations surrounding payroll for your business.

Our current clients range from 1 to 500 employees, and everything in between. From the first RTI submissions and finishing with the payments. Let the specialists take care of your payroll.


From £1.50 + VAT for the first 50 payslips, thereafter £1.25 + VAT per payslip.

As a part of a Fully Managed Payroll service, we will undertake the following processes for you.

  • Dedicated Payroll Manager to process your payroll
  • SSP, SMP and company schemes processes
  • Tailored inputs to suit all businesses
  • Pension scheme managed
  • Holiday scheme managed
Also included:
  • Departmental reporting
  • Pension reporting
  • Variance reporting
  • Cost analysis report
  • Management report
  • RTIsubmissions to HMRC
  • BACS payments for salary
  • E-payslips

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of what AOG PSC Limited PEO (PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANISATION) can do for you.

Call us to find out how we can become your payroll department.

AOG PSC Limited

AOG PSC Limited will invoice you based on the hours worked in the pay period.

Upon payment of this, we will arrange payments by same day BACS to the contractor.

As an employee of AOG PSC Limited (Contract produced by Lawspeed) we will produce all necessary HMRC returns as well as P60’s ensuring all is compliant.

AOG PSC Limited(Limited Company)

AOG PSC Limited are fully compliant with MSC (Managed Service Company) legislation, demonstrating that the contractor remains in full control.

But giving them the back-up required to run their own business.

AOG PSC Limited CIS(Sole Trader/Self Employed/CIS)

Offering construction workers full employment rights with tax and NIC contributions taken at source.

AOG PSC Limited CIS Collective also enables up to 15% of salary to be reclaimed in legitimate expenses.

AOG PSC Limited CIS ‘self-employed’ is the most popular product for all self-employed construction industry subcontractors.

AOG PSC Limited will ensure their earnings and statutory HMRC deductions are managed effectively.